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I’m up to my arse in sawdust

Posted in Bitching with tags , on June 27, 2008 by twobuck

So management, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that while some desperately needed renovations are going on at my work it would cause an unacceptable loss in revnue to, say, shut the place down for a few days and just get the whole thing done in one go. Instead, the last few weeks have been a drawn-out series of confrontations between workmen and naked girls, like some particularly ratings-focused renovation show. While the scent of sawdust and new paint makes a pleasant change from the usual stench of spunk and despair, the punters seem to have found the constant screeching whine of angle-grinders and the presence of burly, leering dudes in King Gee shorts to be somewhat offputting. Combine that with management’s reluctance to tell the girls things which one might consider to be slightly important- such as, for instance, “Don’t bother making the trip in to work today because we’re painting the booths and they won’t be dry until the end of your shift so you’ll just have to go RIGHT the FUCK back home again with no money”- and you can understand that my work enviroment has become rather tense of late.

It’s not that I mind having to walk around in nothing but lingerie in front of a bunch of construction guys who aren’t paying me a damn cent, not at all. Nor do I care one whit that said construction guys choose to demonstrate their raffish and charming disregard for the lives of us all by, oh, using a circular saw to cut through metal surrounded by wood roped thickly with extremely precarious power cables. That’s just fucking dandy. What I DO mind is that after nearly a month of slow business and hassle, the only part of the entire place that’s been left in its natural state of rank decrepit filth is the GODDAMN DRESSING ROOM. Also, the performer’s couch in the booth is still held together with rapidly surrending duct-tape.